Virtual Class

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Our college has started Virtual Classes for our students using Google Meet Hangouts APP.

Meet Hangouts


Students of our college are being requested to contact their concerned teachers for the event timing of the classes and share their email id and phone numbers, so that they can be invited before the classes.

For this please download the Google Meet APP link from Google APP Store or go to from your computer to Join the Meeting.

If you face any problem or issue visit "How to take Attendance in Google Meet" tutorial on Youtube or you may write to us at link

Students may apply for enrollment by filling up the form to get FREE G-Suite Account for the period of study by filling up the form link .


Q: How to create Virtual Class on Google Meet ?

First you need your Google G-Suite Account.
Our college is providing it FREE of cost.

1. If you already have G-Suite account, login with username : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; and your password at Google Calendar to create the Event. Please note that without G-Suite account you can't start "+Join or Start a meeting" that means your Class or presentation. So obtain it first.
2. Provide Event name and description then choose date and time.
3. Select Google Hangouts Meet as your event application.
4. Save your event.
5. Copy your Event Code and send it through email or WhatsAPP to the students who you wish to invite. You may send auto-generated event code with timing and other description through email or Facebook from the Google Calendar also. Also Click Here to Register your Class Details at College website without fail.
6. Now about 10-15 minutes ago open your PC browser and type in event code paste the event code.
7. If you are using Mobile Phone download and open Google Meet. Then Click New Meeting.from Phone and "+Join or Start a meeting" from PC/Laptop.
8. You can switch off the microphones of other students if you wish.
9. You can answer question by going to CHAT option.
10. You can share your PC Screen also.

So guys lets start your journey to Virtual Class Free with up to 1000 Students at a time.

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How To Tutorial 

Other Resources (Tutorial) :

How to use Google Meet for Remote and Online learning

Teachers and Students Training : How to use Meet (from Google)

The Google Meet Help Center, the Google Meet quick start PDF, the G Suite Learning Center, the new Teach from Home Resource Center, and the information below.


View features and tips for teachers

For best practices in distance learning, review the Teacher’s Guide to Google Meet.

  • For education accounts, only the meeting creator, calendar event owner, or person who sets up a meeting on an in-room hardware device can mute or remove video meeting participants. This ensures student participants can’t mute or remove one another or the teacher. (This automatic restriction is being applied to all education accounts, starting March 19, 2020.)
  • When using Meet, participants can turn off their camera to show their profile photo instead. This can improve video meeting quality if internet speed is slow. If audio quality is poor, use a phone for audio instead.
  • For large classes, use a live stream instead of having students join an interactive video class meeting. To engage students while live streaming, you can use Google Slides Q&A. Or, you can pre-record a lesson to share later.
  • To help students who are deaf or hard of hearing, turn on live captions in Meet. To capture student responses for a recorded class, use Google Slides Q&A.


View tips for students

If your mobile device can access G Suite, you can use that device to join a class video meeting.