Syllabus Module of Department of Political Science Hons.( Sem-II)


Course Title (Core Course): Political Theory--- Concepts and Debates
Course Code: AHPLS- 201/C-3
                                   Contact Hours/week: 6

Prof. Santiram Mondal
Section A:   

Unit- I: Concept of Freedom
 a. Negative Freedom and Positive Freedom.
 Important issue: Freedom of belief, expression and dissent

 Dr. Priyanka Banerjee   

 Unit- II: Importance of Equality
 a. Formal Equality and Equality of Opportunity.
 b. Egalitarianism: Background Inequalities and Differential Treatments.
 Important Issue: Affirmative Action

Unit- III: Indispensability of Justice
 a. Procedural Justice.
 b. Distributive Justice.
 Important Issue: Capital Punishment

 Prof. Santiram Mondal  

 Unit- IV: The Universality of Rights
 a. Natural Rights: Social Contract Theory.
 b. Rights and Political Obligation: T. H. Green
 c. Three Generations of Rights.
 Important Issue: Right of the Girl Child


Section B:

Dr. Priyanka Banerjee                  

 Unit- V: Major Debates
 a. Why Should We Obey the State? Issues of Political Obligation and Civil   Disobedience.
 b. Should Offensive Speech be Regulated?

c. Can Military Intervention in Other Countries be Justified on Humanitarian Grounds?



Course Title (Core Course): Political Process in India
Course Code: AHPLS- 202/C-4
                                        Contact Hours/week: 6

Sri Amit Pal

 Unit- I: The Changing Nature of the Indian State
 a. Developmental.
 b. Welfare.

  Unit- II: Political Parties and the Party System
 a. Trends in the Party System; From the Congress System to Multi-Party Coalitions.
 b. Determinants of Voting Behaviour: Caste and Religion.


Sri Munnalal Tikait

Unit- III: Regional Aspirations
a. The Politics of Secession and Accommodation: Gorkhaland and Telengana.

Unit- IV: Religion and Politics
Debates on Secularism; Communalism.

Unit- V: Caste and Politics
a. Rise of Dalits and OBCs in Indian Politics; Politics of Reservations.