Syllabus Module of Department of Political Science Hons.( Sem-I)


Course Title (Core Course): Understanding Political Theory
Course Code: AHPLS- 101/C-1
                                             Contact Hours/week: 6

 Dr.Priyanka Banerjee

 Unit- I: Introducing Political Theory
 a. Political Theory: Meaning and Importance. Decline and Resurgence of Political Theory.
 b. Approaches: Normative, Behavioural and Post-behavioural.
 c. Critical and Contemporary perspectives in political theory: Feminist and Postmodern.

 Sri Munnalal Tikait
 Unit- II: Political Theory and Practice 
 The Grammar of Democracy 
 a. Democracy: The history of an idea.
 b. Procedural democracy and Substantive democracy.
 c. Deliberative democracy.
 d. Participatory Democracy and Representative Democracy.

Course Title (Core Course): Constitutional Government and Democracy in India
Course Code: AHPLS- 102/C-2
                                               Contact Hours/week: 6

 Prof. Santiram Mondal

 Unit- I: Philosophy of the Indian Constitution: 
 a. Social and Political Ideas Behind Indian Constitution: Constituent Assembly Debates.
 b. Features of the Constitution, the Preamble.

 Unit- II: The Fundamentals of Indian Constitution
 a. Fundamental Rights.
 b. Directive Principles of State Policy.
 c. Fundamental Duties.


Sri Amit Pal

 Unit- III: Organs of Government
 a. The Legislature: Union (Parliament) and State (Vidhan Sabha and Vidhan Parishad).
 b. The Executive: Union (President, Vice-President and Prime Minister) and State (Governor and Chief Minister).
 c. The Judiciary: Supreme Court and the High Court.

 Unit- IV: Federalism and Decentralisation
 a. Federalism: Division of Powers, Emergency Provisions, Changing Dynamics of Centre-State Relations.
 b. Local Self-Government institutions in India: Urban Administration in West Bengal (Municipalities and Municipal Corporations) and Rural Administration in West Bengal (Panchayati Raj Systems).