Admission to Honours Courses 2013

Admission in Honours courses will be done by the University of Burdwan through online process from the Academic Session, 2013 onwards.

 Scope of the Online Admission System
Online Admission Process formulation group has drafted the scope in an elaborate manner as on 15th May, 2013 which is given below. 

  • Single a/c under Burdwan university will be used for submission of registration fee and admission fee for all colleges)
  • General Subject may be offered with each Hons subject
  • INFORMATION REGARDING HOSTEL AVAILABILITY with boys and girls specification and seat capacity.

General Information:
Before hosting the online admission website, 2(two) days to be given to colleges to check & confirm that the information pertaining to the college in the online admission website/admission related is correct and complete in all respect.
The university should be provided with the module to monitor the online admission system of all the colleges from its place.  Secondly, proper interfaces for alteration/insertion/deletion of college/university details should be provided so that the university can minimize the lead time in data updation.  Report generations related to the colleges are to be provided in the university module.  
Each college will be provided with unique login id and password by the system for their activities.  Report generations related to the colleges are to be provided in their part.   Updation of their information i.e. courses details, address, contact number, etc. can only be done from the university module. Students status updation i.e. admitted/cancelled are to be done at their end with the provision of proper alert, print documents generation for record purpose.
Name of the website is to be advertised and to be informed to the college.
One general rules of admission is to be circulated to all affiliated colleges.
Sequence of Online Admission Procedure:

  1. All eligible candidates are required to register ONLINE through Internet from places convenient to them.
  2. Online Registration by the candidates is allowed only during the registration period of the online admission process.  No fresh registrations will be allowed afterwards. 
  3. Registration includes entries of student details such as personal details (parent's name, address, mobile number, email id, category (General, ST, SC, PwD), etc.), academic information (registration nos. & marks of 10 level, 10+2 level, board name(s), etc.) and preferred bank for fee submission. Registration number of 10 + 2 level examination and name of the board should be considered as the verification of their identity so as to restrict from multiple registrations by single candidate.
  4. After successful registration, i.e. after creation of registration id and password, the System will generate e-challan containing bank name, student name, university account no., registration number, etc. The candidate is now required to get a print-out of the e-challan and approach any branch of SBI for payment of registration fee (Non-Refundable).
  5. Provision should be given for recovery of forgotten password of the student concerned (This may be forwarded to the candidate by SMS). (standard practice available - to be taken care by CMC Ltd.)
  6. Students will be requested to visit the site after 24 hrs of their payment and their records will be updated with journal ids automatically by the system itself and they don't need to enter it.
  7. In the choice filling interface, display of colleges and subjects will be conditional. In other words, if a subject is clicked the drop-down list will show names only of those colleges where the subject is taught. Again, a student will be allowed to choose from among those subjects for which (s)he is eligible. For example, if Hindi be not one of the studied subjects for a student at +2 level, (s)he will not find Hindi among drop-down list. However, a student may be eligible for Hons on the merit of an allied subject studied at +2 level (e.g. Biology for Microbiology, Political Science for Sociology, Mathematics for Economics).  This restriction in the choice filling interface will prevent incorrect filling up of form. (Excel file containing subject combinations is to be provided to CMC)
  8. This interface is for choice of subjects and colleges.  Each choice is a set of honours subject name and college name sought for.
  9. Candidates can fill in maximum 25 choices and it is to be noted that the choice is WITHOUT ANY PREFERENCE I.E. ALL CHOICES ARE OF EQUAL WEIGHTAGE.
  10. Duration for registration and choice filling: 8 days for filling up and rectification of form.
  11. Candidates are permitted, if they so desire, to change/delete their existing choices and insert new one any number of times until they lock their final choices during the above-mentioned duration.
  12. Two buttons are to be given in choice filling interface:-
    • Save – every time after any changes/insertion taking place in choice filling, the student should click this button to save his/her activity. If forgotten to click the save button, AUTOSAVE should do the same.
    • Lock - Candidates MUST lock their choices only after they have finalized them.  The locking of choices involves a few steps after the LOCK button is clicked. This includes, entering the password, confirming the locking etc. Candidate should follow all the steps carefully to complete the locking procedure.  If candidates fail to explicitly lock their choices by 5.00 PM of last date (8th day of registration), their last saved choices will be automatically locked using AUTOLOCK feature.
  13. Candidates are therefore strongly advised to lock their choices themselves and secure a print out of these locked choices. Candidates can login again after locking the choices; the locked choices will be displayed but cannot be modified or altered.
  14. The choices submitted by the candidates during the registration period will be processed up to the last phase for admission, if so desired by the candidate.
  15. Grade point in the Merit list will be calculated in accordance with the eligibility criteria and merit formulation criteria determined by the university, as attached (page-6).
  16. College-wise merit list will be generated on the basis of Category, honours subjects and intake capacity.
  17. Publication of 1st (and subsequent) merit lists will be subject-wise, college-wise (with scope for student viewing his/her status, scope for the college to view status of all candidates applying for admission in the college).
  18. Duration for 1st phase of admission: 4 + 1 days.  Final day must be a working day for bank. (see also point 26)
  19. The allotment result will be available on the website.  If a student finds any seat allotted to him/her in one of the colleges opted for and he/she opts for admission in one, (s)he will click for it then an e-challan will be generated. Candidates MUST get a print out of it and make payment to the same account as that of the registration fee submission.
  20. After payment, an applicant is required to enter the payment details in his/her interface to get provisional admission in the college where he/she was found eligible for admission. This submission will automatically release all other allotted college(s) and categories in respect of that student at that instance and make further status updation of the merit list smooth enough during the whole process.  Print out of the admission documents should be taken out as a record for student, college and university.
  21. However this admission is only provisional and is to be ultimately confirmed by the college on verification of testimonials within 72 hours of provisional admission.
  22. To confirm his/her admission, the student should reach the college with original copy of all testimonials (including caste certificate, e-challan receipt) for verification by college authority.  The college will signal finalisation of their admission through college secure login web interface. In case the college do not signal anything, it will be assumed that the documents and payments were in order.
  23. If any discrepancies found during the verification of original testimonials at the allotted college, the college authority have the right to reject the admission of the student and the same should be reflected in the student status stored in the database.  He/she shall be out of the admission process and shall not be considered in subsequent publication of merit lists.
  25. Even if a candidate do not seek admission in the first phase, at the end of the first phase all options for which his/her status was confirmed will be forfeited.  Remaining options, however, will be considered at the subsequent phases subject to availability of seats.
  26. If candidate, getting provisional admission in the first phase or later, confirm it as his/her final college, will be out of consideration in further admission process else his/her status updation will take place during further admission process. 
  27. If the candidate, during 2nd/further admission, selects same college with different subject, no new e-challan/admission fee is required. Previous one will serve the purpose of payment and (s)he will be able to re-enter honours subject.  If the candidate, during 2nd/subsequent phases of admission, selects different college, new e-challan for submission of admission fee to be generated. Refund/adjustments (if any), to be done at the respective colleges as per college guideline (no connection with the online system). Students will be allowed to get admission for 3 times at the best. After a student exercises option for getting admission 3rd time (in the same college or in different colleges) his/her name will not be considered for any future selection whatsoever.  In case of differences among the course fees for individual subject in the same college, the difference will be paid/adjusted in that college.
  28. Duration of 2nd phase of admission: 3 days (run-time upgrdation) + 1 day (working day for banks & no run-time upgradation on this day)
  29. Updation of merit list after a gap of one day. (This change would be needed for next phases also)
  30. There is no fresh registration and choice filling in 2nd/subsequent phases of admission. Choices selected during the registration period will be considered in all phases of admission.
  31. Duration of 3rd phase : 3 + 1 (working day)
  32. Publication of 3rd merit list.
  33. Business Rules for Eligible candidates and Not Eligible candidates for 3rd phase of admission will be same as described in the 1st/2nd phase of admission.
  34. There will be continuous upgradation for first three days and no upgradation on the fourth day.
  35. Duration of 4th phase of admission: 2 + 1 (working day)
  36. Publication of 4th merit list.
  37. Business Rules for Eligible candidates and Not Eligible candidates for 4th phase of admission will be same as described in the 1st/2nd/3rdphase of admission.
  38. There will be continuous upgradation for first two days and no upgradation on the third day.
  39. FINAL PHASE: 1.5 day + from 2 pm  t 4 pm of the last date (NO CHANGE)
  40. Publication of 5th merit list.
  41. Business Rules for Eligible candidates and Not Eligible candidates for 5th phase of admission will be same as described in the 1st/2nd/3rd/4th phase of admission.
  42. There will be continuous upgradation for first one and half day and no upgradation on the last half day.
  43. Log process should be available for every activity of a candidate and the college
  44. The system should have facility of Cross reference (by navigating to the relevant webpage) so that by browsing the section one may clear up confusion (e. g. Allied subject condition in point 8, eligibility criteria in point 16, fee structure of the college in point 19).
  45. Caste certificate is to be issued in the applicant's own name or in the name of his/her father/ mother
  46. Set up of 4 outlets in 4 different district head quarters for online admission of UG courses where university staff as well as of CMC will be present to assist the students to make them acquainted with this new system.
  47. Itinerary for online admission:- (D stands for day, subscript for day number)
  • D0                                          -  Declaration of HS result
  • D2 to D9                                -  Registration and choice filling period
  • D10                                        -  gap
  • D11 to D14                             -  1st phase admission
  • D15 to D18                             -  2nd phase admission
  • D19 to D22                             -  3rd phase admission
  • D23 to D25                             -  4th phase admission
  • D26 to D27                           -  5th phase admission

Provided in each stage of phase 1st day and last day are the working days.


Annexure to No. 16

  • Only candidates who have passed XII standard in 2010, 2011, 2012 or 2013 will be considered. 
  • PwD candidate should have minimum 40% disabilities.
  • All reserved candidates shall be considered in unreserved list as well as reserved list.  If such a candidate be found eligible for admission in both list and (s)he gets admission, (s)he will be considered to have filled in the UR list.  However, his/her name will be deleted from both lists.
  • The candidates treated as reserved by the government of West Bengal will be considered as reserved (reserved in other states will be considered as UR candidates).

Merit Point (M) = X + Y +Z (consider upto 4 decimal places)
X) In addition to points (g) and (h) under point no. 11 of 29th January, 2013, on page no. 7
Aggregate marks in madhyamik as points (g) & (h) under point no. 11 of 29th January, 2013, on page no. 7
In case of CBSE (10 standard), ICSE (10 standard), if marks available – the case be considered.  If marks are not available, the marks given by the institute and approved by the concerned board will be taken for consideration.
Y) Aggregate marks (taking 2 languages + best 3 elective subject excluding environmental studies) (12 standard)
In case of CBSE and ISC (12 standard) - (2 languages + 3 best elective subjects).  If one language is available, the marks be doubled + 3 best optional subjects.
Z)  Subject marks/core subject marks
Note:- In case marks are not awarded but grade points are awarded, GP is to be converted into marks on 100 points grades by simple multiplication by 10.

TIE-BREAKING OF GRADE POINTS (if multiple students have same grade point)
The following points are to be considered sequentially:

  • Marks of the subject at 10+2 level for which honours is sought for
  • Total marks of H.S. will be considered if above criteria fails.

Project Scope, Activities and Deliverables:-
These are the points finalised during the month of January, 2013 as discussion took place between CMC and Burdwan University.

Need to develop Portal based Application for Online Admission Process  where Candidate will be able to

  1. See the List of Colleges along with the Course and Subject Combination offered
  2. See Seating Capacity detail for each Course, Subject Combination and Category (Gen/SC/PH/Minority)
  3. See Subject combination and Category wise Admission Criteria
  4. Apply specific Course and Subject for specific colleges where the respective Course/subjects are offered.
  5. Candidate won't be allowed to get admitted directly on 1st cum 1st serve basis, Rather, A Candidate would have the flexibility to apply in single/multiple colleges in Multiple Hons. Subjects as per his/her own choice and in accordance to the College/Subject specific Criteria.
  6. Provide marks for respective subjects/Group required to opt for specific Course and Subjects. Based on the input provided by candidate, Candidate will be allowed to apply in accordance to the admission eligibility criteria of respective Opting college and Subject.
  7. Upload image of Candidate.
  8. Provide Payment information.
  9. To view the status after applying through Online.
  10. Portal Based Application for Online Admission should have following feature and Functionality:-
    1. Configurable Layer for Admission Criteria where individual college will have access to view and alter the Criteria for any Course and Subject combination.
    2. Flexibility in applying multiple colleges and Subjects as per Candidate's Choice and Priority.
    3. Verification process - Concerned person from the colleges will be able to verify the Candidate's Marks, scanned image of testimonials, payment information through secured Login.
    4. Incorporation of Student Login to view the status after applying through Online.
    5. Evaluation Process to determine the eligible candidates for each college, course, subject in accordance to the respective Eligibility Criteria and Gradation Criteria.
    6. Generation of Merit List (Eligible and In-Eligible Candidates) considering the College /Category/Course/Subject/ Seating Capacity wise Gradation Criteria.

Scope further added on 29th Jan 2013:-

  1. Madhyamik marks should be captured including the additional marks if a candidate passed madhyamik on or before 2008.
  2. Madhyamik marks should be captured excluding the additional marks if a candidate passed madhyamik on or after 2009.
  3. Preparation of Objective Criteria after analysing the Business Rules/Admission Criteria which would be provided by University for each college and each Course/Subject.
  4. Support services to be given during Post transition phase (Student starts applying to complete admission process)
  5. Preparation of Master Tables (College wise) & Database- Import/ Data Entry Master Data (College, Stream, Subject combination, Admission Criteria, User etc).
  6. Hosting of Online Admission will require to be arranged by CMC.
  7. The Web based Online Admission Process application is required to be "Go-Live" by 1st week of June just after publication of Higher secondary and ICSE/CBSE result.
  • Roles and Responsibilities of University:-
  1. University will finalise the maximum number of Subjects and Colleges that a Candidate can Opt. We're initially advised to consider 5 Subjects and 5 Colleges and to proceed further towards customisation of Application Software.
  2. University will take decision whether there will be same criteria for each individual subject across all colleges. University will frame the College and Subject wise Criteria accordingly in the defined template and provide the same to CMC at the earliest.
  3. University will decide whether there will be same Gradation Logic imposed for all Colleges and let CMC know accordingly.
  4. University will decide how the payment would be made by Applicant. CMC just needs to extract the Payment information only.
  5. University will decide whether there will be any alteration in the format of Master Input (College/Subject wise Eligibility Criteria, Gradation Logic, College/Course/Subject/Capacity Master Information etc).  Based on that decision, University will provide all the required Master input (College/Subject wise Eligibility Criteria, Gradation Logic, College/Course/Subject/Capacity Master Information etc) to CMC at the earliest.
  6. Per our proposal, Vice Chancellor has decided that Mr. Ajay Auddy will be working as SPOC and Liaison between all the Colleges, University and CMC.