NIT for Supply of Electric materials - 6/2018-19


No. – 06/2018-19
Dt. 04.10.2018

Date of receiving Sealed Tenders in Letter Heads   : from 04/10/2018 to 11/10/2018 up to 2:00 PM
Time & Date of opening Tenders  : 3:00 PM of 11/10/2018

Sealed quotations are invited from reputed manufacturers / dealer for supplying the following Electrical Goods of reputed company or mentioned otherwise in the provided table including GST and other costs.

{supertable table }{headrows 1}

Sl. No. Particulars Name of the Company Model, if any Unit Rate
1 1" Casing  Precision      
2 3/4 Casing Precision      
3 Wodden Guji        
4 4mm Wire Havells  HRFR    
5 2.5 mm Wire Havells  HRFR    
6 1.5 mm Wire Havells  HRFR    
7 1.0 mm Wire Havells       
8 PVC Tape        
9 4X4 PVC Complete Box        
10 6X4 PVC Complete Box        
11 12 Way Double Door MCB box Havells       
12 8 way double door MCB box Havells       
13 8*12 wodden open box + plate        
14 8*10 wodden open box + plate        
15 8*4 wodden open box + plate        
16 8*6 wodden open box + plate        
17 4*4  wodden open box + plate        
18 6*4  wodden open box + plate        
19 1 way anchor switch Goldmedal Gzifa    
20 2 way anchor switch Goldmedal Gzifa    
21 15 AM anchor switch Goldmedal Gzifa    
22 15 am anchor 5 pin Goldmedal Gzifa    
23 switch step regulator anchor Goldmedal Gzifa    
24 socket step regulator anchor Goldmedal Gzifa    
25 32 am TPN MCB Havells       
26 10  am  MCB Havells       
27 16 am MCB Havells       
28 3/3 square box        
29 Celling rose oval        
30 buttom holder oval        
31 4 ft LED tube Philips      
32 48 " Celling fan Havells Ginger (Blue)    
33 9" exhoust fan Crompton      
34 20 MM stick pipe( 10ft)        
35 20 MM clip        
36 40wt LED metel Starlight Chrome    
37 20wt LED metel Starlight Chrome    
38 12 wt LED lamp Philips      
39 9 wt LED lamp Philips      
40 35*8 screw Stainless Steel      
41 25*7 screw Stainless Steel      
42 45*8 screw Stainless Steel      
43 13*6 Screw Stainless Steel      
44 63 AM main switch (TPN) Havells      
45 32 AM main switch (TPN) Havells      


Terms & Conditions :
1. All rates should include all Taxex and cost for delivery upto site.
2. All Rates should be mentioned only in Indian Rupee format and Rates of each Items to be provided with unit & price.
3. Xerox copies of Trade License, GST Certificate, PAN Card and Telephone bill/electric bill/Aadhaar card etc. of the quotationers are to be submitted along with the sealed quotations.
4. The materials should be supplied as per orders and the quoted rates will be valid for three (3) months.
5. Income Tax will be deducted by the undersigned as per the Income Tax Rule of Govt. of India if applicable.
6. The college authority reserves the right of selecting or rejecting any or all quotations without assigning any reason for this work. 
7. The materials should be supplied as specified in the Work Order by the College Authority. 
8. He, whose tender will be accepted, will be liable supply more or less quantity as indicated in the estimate for the interest of the work. If the quotationer failed to supply the materials in time or not upto the satisfaction, penalty as per clause of tender of specification of PWD will be imposed.
9. Every tenderer shall have to deposit the initial Security Money which will be equivalent to Rs. 500/- in the form of Bank Draft or NSC duly pledged in favour of Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith within seven days from the date of issue of information, failing of which the acceptance of tender will be withdrawn. 
10. Quotationer may quote any or all rates but they should mention the NIT Details & Product Category on the top of the the sealed envelop.
11. The conditions of this tender notice will be a part of the agreement. Payment will be made by NEFT to Bank account as per availability of fund.
12. Quotationers may be present at the time of opening the quotations on the mentioned date.

Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith
Nutanchati, Bankura