Tender Notice for Labour Contract: 02/18-19



No. – 02/2018-19

Dt. 19.08.2018

Date of receiving Sealed Tenders in Letter Heads     : from 20 /08/18 to 28/08/2018 up to 2:00 PM

Time & Date of opening Tenders                               : 3:00 PM of 28/08/2018

Sealed tenders are invited in Letter Heads from reputed & experienced LABOUR CONTRACTORS of Bankura for the works for setting of paver blocks and repairing of college buildings. All quotation should provide his credential certificates, PAN Card, Voter ID or Aadhar Card, P. Tax certificate. Earnest money of Rs. 1000/- in favour of ‘Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith’ by Banker’s cheque / Demand Draft to be submitted. Income Tax @ 1% and Labour Cess @ 1%  will be deducted from final bill.

            Time of completion :          2 Months


  1. No Price Escalation will be entertained.
  2. No arbitration for the work will be admissible as per Govt. Order No. 3370-(A) Dt. 20.03.1987 (Rules of PWD Roads 1987)
  3. Before submission of tender, the tenderers shall have to acquaint by actual visit to the site as regard prevailing conditions and tenderer submitting tender shall be deemed to have done so.
  4. Contractor has to arrange for Mixture Machine, Vibrator etc. at his won cost.
  5. Labour license is to be obtained from competent authority.
  6. Good quality Sal Wood made strong posts (rolla) to be used. New or good quality wooden planks to be used at shuttering work
  7. It will be contractors’ responsibility to keep the road open to all kind of traffic during the execution of work. No claim whatsoever will be for idle labour, establishment cost of higher and labour charges of tools and plants etc. will be entertained at any circumstances.
  8. The contractor shall pay of charges and fees legally payable for act out of their works and hold the employer free of such cost.
  9. All materials (Rope, Nail, Macha etc. ) have to be arranged by contractor)
  10. Contractor has to execute the work on strict supervision of the Engineer-in-Charge and College Authority
  11. Contractor has to abide by the rules and regulations as per PWD from 29911 (i). (ii) as applicable. The rates quoted by the Contractor should be given in figure as well as in words.
  12. No tender will be entertained after the specified date and time  
  13. Decision of Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith authority will be final and binding on contractor in the case of any dispute
  14. Any conditional tender will be treated as informal
  15. Payment will be made as per availability of fund
  16. The works are time bound project and time of completion of work should be strictly followed
  17. The tenderer should quote the rate both in figures and words in times of overall percentage above / below / at par with the schedule of rates
  18. The tenderer are requested to inspect the site condition of works, availability of materials and labours before submission of tender. Necessary variation of drawing and specifications as per site condition may be made as per instruction of Engineer– in-Charge.
  19. Contractor may have to execute more or less quantity as indicated in tender as per description of Engineer-in-Charge. Payment will be made as per actual work done. No extra claim will be entertained for that.
  20. Validity of the offer will remain unchanged for one year from the date of opening of the tender.


ITEM Description :

  1. Excavation of Earth – Rate per Cum
  2. Filling by Earth / Sand – Rate per Cum.
  3. Brick flat soling - Rate per Sq. m
  4. Scraping of plaster - Rate per Sq. m
  5. Dismantling of Brickwork - Rate per Cum
  6. Dismantling of Plaster - Rate per Sq. m
  7. Brickwork – 10” th - Rate per Sq. m
  8. Brickwork – 5” th - Rate per Sq. m
  9. RCC Wall 5”th  - 2’0” deep - per Rft
  10. RCC slab casting – 5” to 6” th - per Sft
  11. Concrete Roof Repair -  Per Sft
  12. Cement Plaster with Latex - Per Sft
  13. Fitting of Window grill – Per Pc
  14. Fitting of ventilator  – Per Pc
  15. Door /Windows frame replacement  – Per Pc
  16. Net polish - per Sft
  17. Artificial stone floor -  per Sft
  18. Painting of Inside wall – per Sft
  19. Painting of outside wall – per Sft
  20. Painting of Door / Windows – per Pcs
  21. Painting of Door / Windows frame – per Rft
  22. Laying of Marbel Floor - Per Sft
  23. Laying of Tiled Floor - Per Sft
  24. Laying of Wall tiles - Per Sft
  25. Laying of Paver block - Per Sft


Copy forwarded for information & necessary action to :-

  1. The Sabhadhipati, Bankura Zilla Parishad
  2. The District Magistrate, Bankura
  3. The Assistant Labour Commissioner, Kamrarmath, Bankura
  4. Notice Board of Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavid


                                                                                                            Bankura Zilla Saradamani Mahila Mahavidyapith

                                                                                                                                   Nutanchati, Bankura