NIT for purchase of Lab Equipments

Bankura Zila Saradamani Mahila Mahabidyapith
Nutanchati, Bankura

Tender Notice No:  BZSM / RUSA /02                                                              Date: 30.12.2015

Supply of Books & Journals

Tender documents can be downloaded from college web site http://bzsmcollege.org

Date of Submission of Sealed Tenders  :  04.01.2016 to 13.01.2016 (during weekdays)  from 10:30 A.M to 04:30 P.M

Last date of receipt of Tender at College : 13-01-2016 by  02:00 P.M
Date of Opening of Sealed Tenders on 13.01.2016 ( Technical Bid at 3:00 PM and Financial bid at 4:00 PM)

The Institute reserves the right to select / reject any or all tenders without assigning any reason thereof.

Bankura Zila Saradamani Mahila Mahabidyapith


Subject: Notice for suppliers for the supply of books and journals.

Dear Sir/Madam,

Quotations are invited from the Suppliers for the purchase of Lab equipment. You are therefore, requested to submit your quotations to the undersigned by 13-01-2016 in a sealed cover superscribing “QUOTATIONS OF LAB EQUIPMENT” with your terms and conditions separately for books and journals which should include :-

1. The offers must be in two separate sealed envelopes including Technical bids separately and stated clearly on the face of envelop. Financial bid will be opened only for technically qualified vendor(s).

2. Vendor should have supplied Lab equipment to at least 5 reputed institutions consecutively for last 3 years (Enclose satisfactory performance report by respective Institutions). Provide the list of publishers whose journals they are supplying.

3. Vendors should not be black listed by any institution in the country. An affidavit to this effect on Rs.10/- non judicial stamp paper required.

4. Maximum discount offered on the quoted prices in percent.

5. Preference will be given to the vendor(s) who will provide maximum numbers of Lab equipment.

6) Vendor(s) must submit acceptance of terms and conditions as stated above.

7) Selected Vendor(s) must supply the ordered Lab equipment within three weeks from the date of issue of work order.

8) Lab equipment damaged during transit must be replaced in time.

9) Lab equipment must be of latest make and brands.

10) The following document to be submitted :
                A. Copy of PAN Card.
                B. Copy of current ITR.
                C. Copy of Trade License.
                D. Details of your firm’s Sales Tax Registration No. (Attach: GST, CST Certificate).
                E. Constitution of the Firm/Agency under (attach copy of registration):

a) Indian Companies Act 1956.
b) Indian partnership Act 1932
c) Proprietary firm
d) Under any other Act (please specify).

13. If the supplier delays in supplying the Lab equipment, the Institute may impose a fine up to 10% of the cost of books supplied late.

14) Transport Charges

a) The supply should be free of freight charges.

b) If the supply is made through Railway Parcel, the freight must be pre-paid.

c) If the supply is made by post, the books should be sent through registered post/parcel or courier, whose charges will be borne by the supplier. Books sent via V.P.P. will not be accepted.

d) Every supply should be accompanied by a delivery challan, clearly bearing the details of the items and titles in supply, their quantity and price.

15)  Conditions for cancellations of the released purchase orders :

a) If the empanelled vendor(s) to whom the order has been placed fails to supply the entire order or any part of the order within the stipulated time without providing satisfactory justification for such delay, the empanelled vendor(s) will be charged with liquidated damages at the rate of 5% to 10%(maximum) of the value of the order not fulfilled.

b) Thereafter, the Institute reserves the right to cancel the order and place the empanelled vendor(s) in its black list after providing them an opportunity to represent their side.

c) The decision of accepting supply of cancelled titles is at the sole discretion of the Institute and the decision of the competent authority of the Institute shall be final in this regard.

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